J.A. Design Studio
J.A. Design Studio




Founded in 1993 by Swedish born Janet A. Fernandez, J.A. Design Studio is a full service interior design firm located in Miami, Florida offering design, consulting, and remodeling services for residential and hospitality clients around the world. Janet's design esthetic is characterized by mixing modern with classic - with a love for  Swedish, French, and Italian pieces.  

With over 20 years of experience in the Miami market, J.A.Design Studio, Inc offers an array of resources and strong vendor relations made available to their clients. 


Born in Sweden and having lived over 20 years in Italy, Janet brings a European design esthetic, mixing it with modern design & architecture. Janet's design philosophy and style is "modern chic", characterized by an edited collection of European antiques combined with modern elements, balanced by a serene, monochromatic color palette.  New and old merging effortlessly, layering a variety of textures and finishes to create depth in each room. The results are a perfect juxtaposition of formal and informal, fine and rustic.